Registration starts on 1st February 2020


Please read carefully the instructions below before starting the registration process.

Registration fee (Euros)

Category Before March 16th 2020 After March 16th 2020
IEEE Member - Author registration  290
Non-IEEE Member - Author registration  310  -
IEEE Member Participant registration  170   190 
Non-IEEE Member Participant registration  190 210
Student participant registration  50  75
Conference material  40  40
Conference dinner  60  60
Extra paper presentation  135  -
Extra paper page  50  

For countries with reduced income, reduced fees will be considered (for private participation only - no related to any funded project). Reduced fees (about 50%) correspond only  to Author Registration and Extra paper presentation.

Registration process

The registration is handled by Witago Professional Congress- and Event Management. To proceed with the registration, use the following link: